Homeopathic Remedies Antidotes

Homeopathic remedies are sensetive medicine, and some substances are easily affecting them.  
Try to avoid:
coffee and coffee flavoured food, mint, camphor, menthol, caffeine, or chamomile externally or internally. Including mint flavoured toothpastes, chewing gums, mouthwashes (mint and menthol); menthol lozenges and sweets; coffee (inc decaffeinated) or coffee flavoured ice cream or sweets
Noxema products, Olbas oil, Vick’s Vapour Rub and Tiger Balm (camphor).
Stimulating drinks such as coffee and strong tea, while taking the remedies, as they can set up conflicting energies in the body which will disturb the curative response or even antidote the remedy outright. Coffee has many other strong alkaloids and chemicals that may alter the remedy action. An alternative would be grain based alternative coffee (NOCAF) or a variety of herbal teas.  
Drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, because they are both aromatic and toxic.
Do not place your remedies in close contact with magnetic/electrical fields, (T.V., X-ray, magnets, mobile and cordless phones, microwaves). Please keep the medicines in foil and  in the containers or envelopes supplied and do not transfer medicines to any other container. Store medicines out of the sunlight, in a cool, dark place, away from all strong smelling substances.
Try not to touch the tablets, as they can be antidoted by something you’ve touched earlier. Be careful not to touch the inner rim of the bottle or lid with your fingers to prevent contamination of the bottle, and to prevent your fingers from absorbing the remedy. Do not put pellets back into the remedy bottle if they should fall out onto the floor or your clothing. If you think a remedy bottle has been contaminated, have it replaced. The empty bottles should not be used for storage as remedy essence typically lingers in the bottle.
Orthodox Medical Drugs 
Homeopathic remedies do not undermine the action of drugs or interact with them. On the other hand, drugs may neutralise Homeopathic remedies, especially steroids such as Cortisone and Prednisone. 
Taking the remedy
Adults: Put the tablet into your mouth and under your tongue and allow to dissolve there slowly.
Children: Give one tablet under the tongue or crush  on clean paper and pour into mouth. 
Infants: Dissolve one tablet in teaspoon of water and give as prescribed.
When to take the remedy
If the prescription has a time directions please follow it carefully as some remedies are affected by the hour at which they are taken. This is due to the body’s circadian (24 hour) cycle of hormone release.
Try to take the remedy away from meals, at least 15 min before eating, and 15 min after eating.  The mouth should also be free of any strong tastes. Drinking water before and after the remedy is acceptable. In an acute case, such as an injury, take the remedy immediately no matter when you have eaten. If you are taking a remedy several times a day, try to schedule some of the doses before bed, upon waking and during the day. 
Homeopathic Recovery
It will help the progress of your treatment if you understand how the homoeopathy works.  According to Hering’s Homeopathic “law of cure,” in the course of cure during Homeopathic treatment, the symptoms improve:
  • from the inside outward,
  • from above downwards,
  • from the most vital to the less vital organs
  • in the reverse order of their original onset of appearance.
  • the chronic longstanding symptoms take longer to cure than recent and acute maladies. 
Bear in mind that the body’s response to a remedy may take one or more of several forms. The vital force, energy, and the most commonplace symptoms such as general emotions, improve before physical symptoms. Among the most common results that may at first seem irksome are a cold, diarrhoea, and different forms of discharge and skin eruptions. Or you may experience the return of old symptoms that you had forgotten or felt had been cured. All of this is perfectly natural and should not be interfered with. The process is one of cleansing - what the body has been harbouring must be expelled. Discharges and eruptions, though unpleasant, are the body’s way of removing disease. This it cannot always succeed in doing without the help of a therapy, which enhances the body’s own immune responses such as homoeopathy. 
To help you understand this, take the example of a patient with a heart complaint and a history of asthma and eczema. In treating the heart (that Is, relieving the vital organ of pathology) the old asthma symptoms should come back. Then, by treating the lung condition the brunt of the cure will fall on the skin (a lesser organ), which will reproduce the long lost eczema. This should then be seen to travel from the torso to the extremities, eventually leaving the skin clear.
There are potentially many blocks to the cure - conventional medicines (though they can be accommodated in some cases), inoculations, hereditary disease patterns, unresolved emotional difficulties, etc. If you find that you are becoming impatient with the treatment bear in mind how much you are asking to be accomplished. You may be seeking to undo years of suppressive treatment that has driven a relatively simple problem from the surface to the internal organs.
You may be seeking to undo hereditarily suppressed disease patterns or the effects of generations of immunisation or heal a physical condition that has resulted from suppressed emotions. This is all true for babies and children just as much as for adults.
Homoeopathy is safe, as it imposes nothing from outside on the body. Reactions to treatment come from within; trust your body - even if results are temporarily inconvenient. Your body works FOR you not against you.
You might find that drinking plenty of water (1.5 litres of still mineral, NOT tap water, a day) will help to speed up the action of the remedies, as it will help detoxification of the body on all levels.
A good healthy diet will help with your recovery. If you weren’t given special recommendations on diet, try to eat more healthy foods, such as raw fruit and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, olive oil and less dairy products, organic meat and fish. It is well known that exercise, walking in fresh air and enough rest are very beneficial for your health. 
Homeopathic remedies cannot work miracles if you don’t want your body to recover. It is in your hands to help make your Homeopathic treatment as quick and efficient as possible. 
Length of homeopathic treatment.
This depends on what sort of illness is being treated as well as other individual characteristics.  A broad indication is that diseases that have been slow to develop over a period of time will take longer to resolve.  Other more recent or acute complaints may be quicker to cure.
On the Principal consultation I will discuss a treatment plan for you and then will be in a better position to advise how long your treatment is going to last. For some chronic conditions it might take from 6 to 12 months to completely eliminate your problem.  
Homeopathy encourages a patient to think through their problem, and see how it has developed. It is very important to eliminate the maintaining causes of the present condition; otherwise the problem might come back. A good example is if additives and chemicals in food make a child hyperactive symptoms will remain until the child switches to a healthy diet. To make the process of the treatment shorter and more efficient special diet and supplements are often advised. And, once a point of cure has been reached, regular check-ups can help you maintain good health and prevent chronic illness.
Conventional medicine.
As each therapeutic system is working on different levels of the body there is no danger of contraindications. Homeopathic remedies work well alongside most conventional medicines. It may be important to have your doctor monitor the medications you are taking as your requirements for long-term drugs may change during the course of homeopathic treatment. You should never discontinue your conventional medications without consulting your medical doctors.
Contacting me.
Please contact me if you have any questions about your treatment or any unusual symptoms. If I am unavailable, please send me an email or leave a message on the answerphone and I will return your call as soon as I can within the next 24 hours. The best time to phone is between 9am and 5pm most weekdays. I do not return the calls during the weekends. If I am away for an extended period of time I will leave an alternative number where you can get advice.
Home visits.
Home visits may be arranged for some family appointments, the elderly or disabled people. There is an additional charge of £20 plus cost of travel, parking and congestion charge (if applicable)
Telephone and email advice
Telephone advice between consultations for the existing patients is free, and you are welcome to phone with queries, or to let me know how you are after taking your remedy.  If you need treatment for new symptoms in the period immediately following a consultation, and you phone for advice then there are also no further charges as the symptoms are usually associated with the original illness being treated.
However, if you are not receiving regular treatment, are not between appointments or have not seen me in the past  four weeks,  and you would like to be treated for an acute illness (eg flu, minor injuries or a sore throat etc), then you should request an acute consultation by phone. 
After a short consultation (about 15 minutes) a remedy will be prescribed which you can either collect in the usual way, or select from your homeopathy kit.  The fee of £20 is payable only once no matter how many times you need to call for advice or a new remedy during the course of  the acute illness.  Before phoning for an acute consultation you may find it useful to note the main symptoms and consider any possible causes.
However if you are unable to contact me or I am on holiday, then I advise you to call the Homeopathic Helpline on 0906 534 3404, which is open from 9am to midnight every day of the year and costs £1.53/min for a call of up to 10 minutes.  If necessary you will be recommended a remedy to purchase from a pharmacy.
Appointment Cancellation Policy.
If you must cancel your appointment, you need to contact me no less 48 hours in advance to avoid a missed appointment charge. Appointments cancelled between 48 and 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will be charged half the appointment fee. If you do not contact me, forget your appointment, or notify me less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged the full appointment fee.