Homeopathy is safe. Remedies act by stimulating your own defence mechanism and healing powers. They do not have any chemical action, so they do not have the potential to cause any sustained damage. Homeopathy is an excellent aid through pregnancy, birth, childhood illnesses, puberty, menopause and old age.
Homeopathic treatment is cost effective. Under proper Homeopathic treatment not only your immediate complaints improve, but also your susceptibility to disease decreases as there is a general improvement in health. So in the long run, there is better health, less medical consultations and the cumulative cost is very low.
Homeopathy is an important form of preventative medicine, which corrects functional disturbances before signs of disease had an opportunity to develop so that more serious conditions are avoided. It can also help if you just “don’t feel right” (even when conventional medical test results are clear). Homeopathy strengthens the immune system and reduces your chances of getting any infectious diseases. 
Homeopathy is not just a placebo.  It is proven to be effective in the treatment of babies and animals, which have no preconceptions. Remedies are gentle acting with no known side effects or interactions and are non-addictive.  
Homeopathic treatment is individualised and consider a wider range of aspects of your condition – physical, emotional and mental states, personality traits, physical features, the effects of a variety of environmental influences, lifestyle, patterns of disease within your family, and family and social relationships. As Homeopathy considers the whole person, rather than just the disease, the range of conditions that can be treated is limitless, including those without a name or known cause.  
Homeopathic medicines are very effective - in both acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathy can often cure many of the various ailments which most people take for granted or have been told to put up with, such as hay fever, asthma, constipation, migraine, eczema, menstrual problems, chronic exhaustion, etc.  The use of Homeopathy often avoids surgery. It is particularly useful in a whole range of conditions for which conventional medicine either has nothing to offer or offers only palliative approaches of ”'symptom control” or “disease management” e.g. allergic complaints, arthritis, mental illness, digestive problems etc. Homeopathy treats chronic autoimmune or hereditary diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis, systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many others. 
Homeopathic remedies can be used alongside conventional drugs.  Treatment can help reduce or even remove the need for many drugs, but this must be done gradually under the supervision of the Homeopath and GP.