"I love Galina's approach to her patients. She always devotes a lot of time to every patient and looks into a problem from different angles. Galina gives advice on a healthy diet, natural vitamins and food supplements, exercises and healthy habits. She also takes into consideration emotional status which is also very important as it has a significant impact on our health. Galina treats chronic diseases very well, she's helped me a lot with eczema I've had for years. I'm always recommending Galina to all my friends, especially those with children. Also Galina prepares great immune tonics which are great when your little ones show first symptoms of a cold. I definitely recommend this great homeopath for the whole family!"  Y.L. London

 "When my children were 5 and 3 I knew that they were struggling at school - but it was emotionally, not academically.  Although otherwise healthy, they were coming home very tired and irritable.  I began to realise that although they were performing well and the teachers couldn't see a problem, there was something wrong.  I began asking questions in a soft voice from the other side of the room such as 'do you want chocolate?'...no response.  It was then that I pushed for testing and they were both diagnosed with 95% loss of hearing and fitted with hearing aids.  I researched online and saw that there were alternative ways of treating the condition - Glue Ear.  I went to Galina who advised a range of homoeopathic treatments and that, in addition we cut out dairy and gluten from their diets.  It was difficult to change their diets in such a dramatic way, but the combination of this and the homoeopathic treatments Galina prescribed meant that my oldest was hearing aid free in 7 months and the younger one in 2 years.  Neither needed surgery or any other medication.  Homoeopathy is not a 'quick fix', but one that works and Galina offered support as well as consultancy whilst we were journeying through a very difficult time health-wise." A.P. St Albans


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