Perfect Pregnancy with Homeopathic Tissue Salts Programme


During pregnancy the baby requires certain salts which it gets at the expense of the mother. It has been shown that a daily intake of homeopathic Tissue salts will supply all the nutrition a mother and baby need based on the specific needs of a mother and child week by week. They have a proven record and unlike prenatal vitamins, carry no side effects. 
According to 200 years of homeopathic literature, the following schedule ought to be adhered to for the duration of the pregnancy and the last month continued for as long as the baby nurses.
These are some of the benefits of using Tissue salts during pregnancy:
Calc fluor: Prevents stretch marks, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It builds good tooth enamel in the mother and child as well as strong bones for both. It allows for stretch ability where it is needed and limits it where it ought not to be.
Ferr phos: Strengthens blood vessels and arteries and helps prevent anemia and keeps potential infections at bay. Good for blood oxygenation
Mag phos: Alleviates spasms and cramps, such as leg and unnecessary abdominal cramps. It calms and soothes.
Nat mur: Helps cope with metabolic changes of pregnancy. Prevents and cures dry skin, heartburn, swollen ankles and helps to eliminate toxins that have been accumulated or moment to moment exposure. Helps control salt and therefore fluid balance.
Silica: Needed, for blood, skin, hair and nails. Keeps them strong and resilient as well as an important aid to the proper growth
There are four bottles in each set.  The remedies rotate throughout pregnancy.
o N1 bottle taken in Month 2 and 6 contains Calc Fluor 6c, Mag Phos 6c, Ferr Phos 6c
o N2 bottle taken in Month 3 and 7 contains Calc Fluor 6c, Mag Phos 6c, Nat Mur 6c
o N3 bottle taken in month 4 and 8 contains Calc Fluor 6c, Mag Phos 6c, Silica 6c
o N4 bottle taken in month 5 and 9 contains Calc Fluor 6c, Ferr Phos 6c, Silica 6c
The Homeopathic Tissue Salts are especially formulated into one tablet – so you just need to take one of the specified remedy for that month of pregnancy, twice a day placed under the tongue 15 minutes before or after food or drink.   It recommended to take them first thing in the morning and last thing at night before going to sleep.
Note: Avoid mint, eucalyptus, or tea tree products e.g. tea, toothpaste, oils when using homeopathic remedies as strong essential oils reduce the efficiency of these remedies.  We recommend homeopathic toothpaste that can be sourced from health food stores.  
Homeopathic constitutional treatment during the pregnancy is also recommended. Pregnancy is the ideal time to undertake in depth treatment, this can often assist with an easier birth process for mother and child.