Health and happiness – the natural way



Homeopathy and natural medicine are the main passions of my life. When my daughter had some problems with teething I went to see a homeopath. I was really impressed how quickly the little white pills sorted out the problem! I did not want my daughter to suffer with colds and coughs as I did in my childhood so I decided to continue with homeopathy as a preventative therapy for myself and my family. As a result we have not had any conventional medication since we started seeing our family homeopath in 1998. Then, wanting to help other people to get healthier, I made a decision to learn more about this amazing medical system. I was really privileged to be able to study homeopathy for four years with the best homeopathic teachers in the country at the London’s College of Practical Homeopathy.
In 2002 I opened my practice in St Albans, and since then I have been treating different problems and conditions. I believe that everybody can be healthy and happy using natural remedies and some preventative techniques. My patients come to me with a whole range of problems, from simple physical complaints to deep emotional imbalances. From my experience, if some of my patients are not getting better on homeopathic remedies, or they are repeatedly getting the symptoms back, there are usually reasons. First, very often patients have an inappropriate diet or are suffering from a nutritional deficiency.  In those cases I often advise them to make some dietary changes and to take good nutritional supplements. Second, the response to the treatment might be blocked by some emotional stress such as family problems, pressure at work, bereavement, etc.  Here I would explore different remedies suitable to their particular state of mind. I believe in body-mind connection and the psychosomatic relation of many illnesses, which means that many physical complaints are the result of emotional problems such as stress, grief, etc.  
It is not very easy to change some habits, so I always spend time explaining to my patients why is it essential to look after their bodies if they wish to get better and prevent future problems.  I very much believe in prevention, and homeopathy is fantastic for this purpose. When taking the patient’s case, I always look for some predispositions to the conditions and imbalances that he or she might get in the future, and then give some remedies to prevent them. Very often patients do not come to me with problems, but with requests to help them stay healthy. This has encouraged me to start giving general talks on health and illness prevention to my patients and the public at large.
I believe that we never stop learning and over the years I have continued to attend different courses, seminars and conferences.  I am always looking for new information and high quality remedies and supplements that can help with homeopathic treatment and prevent my patients getting ill.
Since 2005 I have been running with my fellow colleagues Galahomeopathy seminars and talks for homeopaths. In 2004 I started Herts Homeopaths homeopathic support group for local homeopaths and students. Also working with conventional doctors, I am a secretary of the Ukrainian Medical Association in UK.
While the work is always hard, what keeps me going is to see people getting better after years of suffering.
I practice at Beaumont Homeopathic Clinic in St Albans and at The Ella Holistic Clinic on Harley Street in London. I speak English, Russian and Ukrainian.